Ferrada Wheels is dedicated to providing the highest-quality wheels that possess a winning combination of unique design and elegant craftsmanship. Our extensive knowledge and experience in the industry were a catalyst for the creation of exceptional designs that cater to both sport and luxury vehicles.
Ferrada Wheels are crafted for European, Domestic and Japanese vehicles. Our goal was to embrace a unique blend of perfection in craftsmanship and a modern design to exceed our clients expectations.
At Ferrada, we are offering sizes that range from 19” – 22” and width of 9 – 11.5. We also
provide Low, Mid & high offsets. With offerings such as the aforementioned fitments, we are able to
cater to the discerning car enthusiast that seeks staggered clean looks or aggressive fitments.
Extensive testing is performed on our wheels to meet the requirements of both JWL and VIA
specifications to ensure that the highest quality of craftsmanship is provided.

Our goal is to provide our clients with excellence and nothing less than perfection to exceed their
expectations and redefine the industry of luxury wheels.

Luxury Wheels & Premium Design

Machine Silver w/ Chrome Lip
Matte Black w/ Gloss Black Lip Size
Coming soon - Bronze with Black lip

20x9 | 20x10.5 | 20x11.5 Bolt Pattern:

5x108 | 5x112 | 5x114 | 5x115 | 5x120